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What is Project off road riding?

Tracks4hacks is a profit for purpose company, with it’s purpose to improve equestrianism across the UK. As part of our continued efforts to do so, we are purchasing land parcels across the UK to install FREE TO USE safe off-road riding & carriage driving parcels. We have already started the process of acquiring land to purchase to commence our projects. Our plan is to use environmental initiatives & donations in order to fund and progress these sites. It’s no secret that the community sentiment is that riding in general is becoming more dangerous prompting many initiatives from action groups like “pass wide and slow” and equestrian figureheads such as BHS Safety lead Alan Hiscox who have successfully campaigned for changes to legislation.

What environmental initiatives?

Working in partnership with The Woodland Trust & others, our focus is on woodland creation that complies with the carbon code, this is to provide carbon capturing assets to help with the environment, carbon “credits” can be a vital source of income for further land acquisition. Companies will register interest in purchasing these credits as part of their carbon off-set plans to become net zero. There are other schemes available and we will explore all opportunities that create new species habitats and bio diversity. Our plan in brief to buy land, to install environmental initiatives, to allow us to create new off roading riding/carriage driving routes across the UK

Who can access the off road riding?

Our projects and woodlands will remain private meaning that no general public access will be provided. This provides an opportunity for equestrians everywhere to ride uninterrupted from the rest of the worlds distractions safe in the knowledge that only other riders/carriage drivers will be sharing the same space as you. This is designed to be a FREE riding resource for all equestrians but we would like that users download our free Tracks4hacks app and for you to post on the community groups and our socials when using our off road sites!

Do you have land?

If you have land you’d like to create new riding routes on, or are considering selling, then we’re all ears. Ideally sites will be 10 hectares but we will discuss smaller sites if they’re close to existing bridle routes or our own off road riding projects. Email if you have site you’d like us to consider.

Welcome to Tracks4hacks!

We’re on a mission to digitally connect the equestrian community, we provide a range of free tools as well as advertising/marketing services for businesses and homeowners.

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