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Tracks4hacks teams up with Horse & Rider to give away 10 annual RFA subscriptions! 19 June

The start of summer is here and hacking with your friends is high on the do list but safety and peace of mind are always concerns. That's why we teamed up with the Horse & Rider to give away 10 annual subscriptions of our rider fall alerts absoloutely free.

Simply activate the feature when going out for a ride, and if the app hasn't detected movement for a little while then your chosen contact will be notified with your last confirmed coordinates it'd really that simple!

Make sure you decativate when stopping off for a coffee though! 

If you want to know more about rider fall alerts, or our free supporting riding tools to highlights bridleways and much more, visit our FAQ page here - https://tracks4hacks.com/newtrack/faqs_page

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Tracks4hacks teams up with Horse & Rider to give away 10 annual RFA subscriptions!4

19 June,2023

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